If you want to know more about me…well, SOME about me, then read the “Author” page.  A quick summary: I cook food, I eat food, I like to think that I was a mermaid in another life (in some alternate fairyland universe where forest creatures help you do chores and love is really all you need), I pole dance (not for money but for fun and fitness…shut up), and I might be a genius or just a silly, crazy person (more-so the latter than the former, most likely).  This post right here is more of a “cherry pop”…just a way to say, “Hey world, here I am, and I don’t give a $#&%!”

So there you have it. I’ll be writing about things I love, things I kinda like, things I’m not sure about, and things I dislike.  These topics can range from those oh-so-annoying-foodie pictures of meals taken from my phone to more creative and less boring posts about my pole adventures, how I’m pretty sure that my dog’s voice (if he had a human voice) would be not unlike that of Gilbert Gottfried’s, and my thoughts on the fact all of mankind may one day have gills like Kevin Costner in Waterworld (maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

Oh, and my name is Val. And I like turtles. Especially cools ones like this…



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