I shared my personal narrative with you about “Learning the Family Recipe”…and I’m currently working on a research paper regarding how I believe that organic farming is superior to conventional farming methods.  Yeah, that’s right, tree-hugging hippie/hipster/new age/spiritual/green/trendy/earth lovin’ stuff.  This mermaid is hungry, and she’s hungry for some sustainable seaweed, ya’ll.  But seriously, this is some important info if you’re looking to eat better, cook better, or hell, if you just want to know WHERE your food comes from and HOW it is grown and produced (If you don’t want to know, then shame on you. We can’t be friends anymore–since you apparently have delusions that the magical, meat-packing fairy from USDA-Land swoops into your local food mart each night to arrange various produce, grains, meats, and dairy on the shelves for your convenience and food-gobbling pleasure…though that does explain why Lucky Charms really are so darn magically delicious…).


So many corporations are jumping on the “organic bandwagon” nowadays, that it’s hard NOT to see those products in our local grocery store, dotting the shelves in their smug little packaging, staring back at us with their clear, pesticide-free glare as they judge our choice of regular store-brand canned tomatoes when we obviously should have made the greener choice by scooping up the organic version instead.  Guilt and shame ensue.  We pick up the organic alternative, note the clever packaging, heavenly claims of superiority, and then…the higher price tag…and slowly…carefully…ever so gently place it back on the shelf with the label outwards like we never even saw it to begin with

But…what conditions must be met in order for a food to be labeled with that USDA stamp?  Why is it usually more costly, and more importantly…is it even worth it?  I will be exploring these topics and a few others, while writing up a little summary of my findings.  Stay tuned…research takes some time, after all–as does a home-grown, mind-blowingly sweet, toxin-free tomato.


I think this kid got into the pesticide-covered ones–he won’t stop screaming and he seems to have no soul… hmmm….


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