No, this is not me…but she IS one hungry mermaid, no? Tastes like chicken, perhaps?

My name is Valerie, and I like to write stuff…and cook stuff…and pole dance…and be by the ocean at any and every opportunity.  I currently maintain a food blog over at coastiecook.tumblr.com called “Semper Paratus et Coctus” (Always Ready and Cooking), but I felt the need to write about MORE.  I’ve heard somewhere that chaotic thoughts and eccentricity are signs of genius…the exact source escapes me at the moment.  I have lots of chaotic thoughts.  Millions.  About everything.  In addition, some may even call me eccentric at times. So…perhaps I’m an undercover genius and don’t even know it? Ha, ha, perhaps.

Regardless of any grandiose claims of my possibly immeasurable levels of intelligence (or lack thereof), I ultimately felt that I needed an outlet for all the things that cross my mind.  This is for me, not for you, not for the next door neighbor, and not for my friends…for ME.  I enjoy writing. It provides a sort of release that no other task can provide.  Maybe that’s why psychologists suggest their patients write in journals to express themselves and whatnot…to help them help themselves…to create an outlet for all the “crazy” in their lives–oh crap, am I crazy? Maybe I should have given a better example of the benefits of writing… ANYWAY…

“Why not just hoof on down to the local Office-Maxi-Depot-Staple-Book-Store and buy a dang journal instead of broadcasting your insane thoughts for the rest of us to endure,” you may ask?  Well, first off, because I damn well feel like it.  Secondly, because I saw someone’s blog using WordPress and I thought it would be neat to try it out. Thirdly, there’s something about exposing a part of yourself (in a non perverted, non illegal kind of way) to the world that ALSO provides a kind of release in that perhaps, just maybe, someone will read and identify with, therefore rendering me a bit less insane. Or maybe that there’s someone out there just as crazy. Or maybe I can learn from them or they can learn from me, and so on and so forth. So in a way, maybe I am writing this for you…and the next door neighbor…and my friends…and all those who don’t even know I exist.  Pretty deep, huh?

Okey dokey, to wrap up…you probably learned very little about me from this “Author” section.  No last name, no city where I live, no religious affiliation, stance on gun control, what kind of cocktails I like, my blood type, or even if I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.  Yep. …but you DO know some things. And that should be enough for now.  Stay tuned, and you might even learn a bit more about what a possible genius/hopeful writer/delusional-lady-who-wishes-she-had-a-tail/cook/foodie/wait-did-she-say-pole-dancing? crazy person has to say…



a.k.a.: “The Hungry Mermaid”

Oh look, you made it to the bottom.  Maybe that means you actually read all my ranting above…in which case, you are handsomely rewarded with a picture of me holding a conch shell…

IMG_0710You’re welcome.


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